About ‎Stickman Prison Escape Game

Play ‎Stickman Prison Escape online free installment for everyone. The key point in the game is that the main character Stickman is imprisoned, but in fact he did not commit a crime. Someone has framed him, and he was sentenced to the imprisonment. But the hope hasn’t died in the heart of the brave man. He now is devising a plan of escape from this cage. You must help him to do this not easy task. Feel free to choose any of 9 available game modes. You can access the Stickman Prison Escaped using any types of gadgets and devices. The navigation is simple. You must use arrows or WASD buttons to move, press space to jump, use shift to make the stickman run. Other functions are Q butting for making somersault, mouse to aim and shoot. If you need another type of weapon, press 1 or 2. There is a possibility to hide cursor, if it bothers you. For this purpose, you must press L.